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September 5, 2016

So the point of this blog is to give me a space to write about things that interest me. And there are alot of those things. So as i start off by creating some broad categories for the blog software. i figured why not blog about those?  Ill try to d a few categories in each post except this on, for Pizza, should stand alone.

Here goes.

Pizza: I really like pizza, its my favorite food. i usually eat at least 1 pizza a day. Mostly this a frozen pizza at home but i never get tired of eating the za!

Favorites in order of preference:
1) Aurelio’s in My home town of South Holland, Ill

2) Giordano’s  Pizza in Indianapolis (newly discovered in aug 2016)

3) Barnaby’s Pizza in South Bend, IN. Go tot he one downtown South
Bend, the one on Grape road is much less clean.

4) Pizza Hut Pan pizza.  I know Im not supposed to list a chain, but i really Like the pan pizza at the Hut.

5) Rocco’s in South Bend. Probably deserves to be higher on the list, but since my pizza eating out days are usually Sunday / Monday and Rocco’s is closed both of those days, I have only had it a few times

Others on the list, in no particular order.

Four Horsemen. I want to like this pizza, butt he quality is hit or miss. many times the pizza comes with flour caked on the bottom of the crust. It take a bunch of work to knock it off.

Little Caesar’s Pizza, This should never be on top pizza post , but i must admit, the pizza is not bad. Bonus that ours is right next to jimmy johns, so my wife can get a sandwich and i can eat more pizza.

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