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September 4, 2016

Starting a new blog always has the best of intentions. Yet history tells us actually coming back to write something on a semi regular basis is more challenging than it seems.

I have in the past attempt to start blog based on some segment of the industry i work in, and each time failed due a plethora of reasons. Those reason included things like being inspired to write some something not related to the industry, realizing it didn;t belong on that industry blog and thus not writing it, or anything else for that matter.

I am a multi-faceted person, with many irons in many fires. I go through stages/sessions/periods where my focus drifts from one thing to another. Sometimes this drift is in to areas that are a waste of time, sometimes the drift is into a new business idea and sometimes its a string of family functions.

Having a blog where i am restricted by title to only write¬†about one area seems restrictive and actually a hindrance. The best writing come from inspiration, and nothing kills that faster than getting the urge only to realize it doesn’t fit the theme of the blog, so this blog is simply for ME stuff.

No plan exists, no timeline for posts, no category restrictions.

We shall see…

406 thoughts on “Starting a New Blog”

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