Apple vs Android(Samsung)

Tech Stuff
September 15, 2017


With the announcement of the new iphone 8 (& IphoneX) comes the usual banter from competing phone users.

As an iphone user I have this to say.

Yes I know you had facial recognition, years ago…But not once have I ever seen a android user use it to unlock the phone, they always use the silly draw a pattern on the screen trick. When the iphone X comes out a whole bunch of people will be seen opening their phone by doing what looks like nothing it will just work.

Wireless Charging. You say you have had wireless charging for years. I have yet to see a wireless charging pad in any restaurant or coffee shop. In my shop I find android phones plugged into the wall like any other phone all the time. But now that Iphone has wireless charging I expect you will see charging pads pop up in some new places. You’re Welcome for that.

I hold no contempt for you for not choosing the iphone. You buy whatever phone you want, it’s your money.
in a side by side comparison, it is certainly possible your droid will win some categories, except for the one that matters, “Mark Chooses to buy”

You can call it koolaid if you like, that’s ok, we can still be friends.

My argument is not based on price, tech specs or parroting other online reviews. My argument is Spaghetti.

Anyone can make pasta noodles, and perhaps you made pasta noodles first, but the special sauce is what Makes spaghetti great and Apple has spectacular sauce.

386 thoughts on “Apple vs Android(Samsung)”

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