Amazon: time to make time.

September 20, 2017

Incoming hypocritical post.

So as a small business owner the last thing i want to do is to see Amazon become the goto place for shopping needs. But i must admit, i buy a lot of stuff on Amazon.  Not because of the price. Price is not always the most important factor for me.  The most important factor to me is Convenience which is tied to shipping speed and arrival time.

I have learned that Time is the most valuable resource, so anything that saves me time, or better yet, allows me to allocate time to other, more important things is a good thing for me.

Just yesterday my wife and i were talking about our Christmas shopping needs.  She collected all the wish lists from the Grand kids. In years past we would spend hours, going store to store, shopping for xmas. This year i said why don;t we just order it on Amazon, 2 day shipping and it only took about 30 minutes.

I am actively brainstorming ways for my own business to be protected from such issues.


416 thoughts on “Amazon: time to make time.”

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